Our Services

Archive Stationery


  • Boxes & lids
  • Backing Boards
  • Inner Boxes
  • Strapping
  • Labels
  • Box Seals

Box Movement



  • Collect new boxes for archive.
  • Deliver and collect archived boxes (when client needs information from archived files)
  • Box tracking and safeguarding.

Retention & Destruction


  • Manage data retention schedules
  • Destruction of hard copy  data with focus on recycling.

Document Digitization


  • Scan hard copy documents & manage electronically.
  • Server hosting - storing clients' electronic documents in a safe and secure environment.

Onsite Document Management, Tracking & Training


  • Sort, pack and index hard copy documents at client premises. 
  • Archive at DMST premises or client's own storage facility.
  • Manage allocation or location on DMST system, irrespective of the box location.

Client Portal


  • We provide clients controlled access to the data managed by DMST directly from our website. Access the Client Portal here.
  • Instead of sending email requests, DMST clients can log service requests directly to our system using the Client Portal.